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Water Features


Enhance your garden

with the calm sound of water

There is nothing quite like the calming sound and soothing feel of a water feature. Introduce beauty and tranquillity into your outdoor space by adding a water feature from Bloom Design & Landscaping.

For many years, Bloom Design & Landscaping has been Designing water features which complement as well as further enhance our unique gardens. We offer you a range of water feature services, right from planning and designing through to installing/constructing the appropriate water feature for your backyard.


Give your backyard

style & tranquility

We understand how different each landscape can be, which is why we have such a wide variety of water features that you can choose from. While choosing a water feature, we consider your garden’s terrain, theme, and availability of space. This is to ensure that your new water feature will suit your garden perfectly.

In terms of lighting, we provide the right light fixtures that will highlight and bring out the soft contours of your water feature. We use ambient lighting that can show off the magical qualities of water after dark. You also need not worry about the quality of water as all our water features re-circulate water and require no maintenance.



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