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An outdoor kitchen is a great chance to cook meals, make desserts, or grill a barbecue while enjoying fresh air and natural light. From rustic brick ovens, to outdoor grills to counter-top island units that come with modern appliances such as coolers, fryers, boilers, the sky is the limit with today’s outdoor kitchens.

Bloom Design & Landscaping has enhanced the outdoor living and entertaining space in thousands of homes in Sydney with their innovative and affordable outdoor kitchen designs. We actually know what makes the most sense in terms of your home’s existing architecture and landscaping and how to use the existing space seamlessly.


Creating a comfortable

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We will not only cater in setting up your outdoor kitchen, we can also help you set up the whole outdoor area around the kitchen, from adding patio furniture to installing suitable lighting and accessories and creating a comfortable outdoor space. To maximise your outdoor kitchen’s space, we can assist you to choose the best grilling station, plumbing installations, pizza oven, countertops and any other appliances.

We can get you the best cabinets which are durable and have the ability to withstand a variety of climates. We can also set up the right lighting to your outdoor kitchen, creating a functional layout that will make the space easy to work in, even when it’s dark.



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Give a new life to your backyard barbeques by adding an outdoor kitchen that will turn your home into the hottest hangout in the neighbourhood this summer.

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