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By providing high quality residential landscapes, Bloom Design and Landscaping has become a trusted partner of homeowners in and around both Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Our team of experienced designers, architects, horticulture specialists and landscapers have worked together towards changing the way Landscaping used to be, creating numerous perfect client-centric landscapes.





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Nabil emigrated to Australia 52 years ago and developed a passion for landscaping and creating beautiful spaces to capture and enhance the outdoor lifestyle of the country he fell in love with. Nabil has spent the last 43 years building his reputation in the landscaping industry, passing on his knowledge and love of landscaping to clients and colleagues alike. As our Director, his influence can be seen and felt throughout our business with his mentoring and guidance having shaped our staff into the consummate professionals they are today.



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Sophia joined the landscaping industry in 2006, bringing with her an extensive background in corporate customer relations. Sophia is driven to provide a positive experience for each of our customers throughout their relationship with our business, ensuring that each individual’s needs are considered and catered for. Sophia’s people-first approach ensures positive, people-first projects.

Office Manager


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With over 25 years of experience in Finance and Administration in the construction industry. With exceptional organisational skills, Naomi ensures the daily operations of the business are efficient and accurate, supporting staff, suppliers, and clients alike. Naomi follows the progression of each client through the different stages of their project, from initial enquiry, through design, construction, and aftercare, ensuring a seamless transition, and has established in-house procedures that keep us providing exceptional service and results each and every day.

Lead Designer


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Nathan has over 20 years of experience in the landscaping industry. He is qualified in Landscape Design, Horticulture, and Landscape Construction. His enthusiasm and passion for transforming gardens is a driving force here at Bloom. His professionalism and high standards are evident in the top quality gardens we create. As lead designer, Nathan oversees all of our garden transformations from start to completion, and ensures that our high standards are met each time.

Landscape Architect


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Graduating in 2007 with a Bachelors Degree of Landscape Architecture, Cici possesses a deep understanding of the technical requirements of Landscape Design and Architecture. Cici’s analytical mind and advanced technical knowledge combine with her depth of experience with council and certifiers requirements, and results in technical drawings and 3D renderings of our plans to an exceptional standard, in which our construction teams place great store.

Junior Landscape Architect


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Graduating with Honours in 2021 from his Bachelor of Landscape Architecture, Samuel joined our firm and quickly stood out with his ability to create original and cutting edge designs, especially when presented with difficult projects. With his passion for bespoke designs, Samuel consistently surprises with thoughtful structures that make great use of space whilst being aethetically pleasing, and the addition of considered elements that combine beauty with functionality.

Interior / Exterior Designer


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Pamela’s Bachelors in Interior Design supports and enhances her natural ability with colour pallettes and material selections. Pamela’s interest spans across both indoor and outdoor spaces, resulting in a beautiful flow through of design elements that seamlessly integrates across the threshold. With considerable experience in creating spaces across a multitude of styles, Pamela creates stunning stand-alone themed spaces and effortless blends styles to suit all our clients tastes.

Construction Manager


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Paul joined Bloom in 2019, bringing with him a vast portfolio of experience in construction, and received his Honours in Construction Management in 2020. As a skilled tradesman and dedicated manager, Paul is deeply respected by his colleagues, tradesmen and clients alike for his leadership, organisation, and communication. Highly skilled in problem solving and multi-project management, Paul ensures our projects are run smoothly and efficiently, keeping to strict timelines and meeting all requirements.

Project Manager


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Leaving his own business to join Bloom in 2017, Jake is a fully qualified Carpenter and Builder by trade, and brings extensive experience to his role as Project Manager. Handling all aspects of construction, Jake is integral in keeping each project flowing smoothly, guiding staff and tradesmen in correct building practises, ensuring quality workmanship and finishes are produced in meticulous detail according to the plans.


Design concepts
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Modern gardens come with beautiful designs that add to the aesthetic beauty of the property. The beauty of the design lies in its intricacy and detailing during construction.

We offer you turnkey solutions to make sure all aspects of design specifications are met.

Design concepts
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