Lawn care tips for summer from Landscapers Sydney West | Bloom Design and Landscaping

Lawn care tips for summer from Landscapers Sydney West

Lawn care tips for summer from Landscapers Sydney West

What do you picture while thinking about summer?

  • Being at a beach with a cold drink?
  • Having a cookout with friends and family?
  • Locked in the unending battle with the lawn?

If the last one is your answer, you are not alone. Owning a home can often mean having a big patch of grass to take care of. To help you we have put together a few tips for landscaping Sydney West to make your life with the lawn a little easier this summer.

Don’t mow too much!

During summer months, we keep our hair shorter to keep it cool. However, to apply the same to the lawns at your backyard is not a good idea. Tall grasses will reduce water evaporation by keeping the soil shaded. This will let the roots of the grass run more in-depth into the ground and keep weeds out of your lawn. Try to achieve a longer cut by adjusting the height of the mowing machine so that you do not remove more than a third of the grass surface at a time. If you don’t have the necessary equipment or adequate skills to handle grass mowing get the help of best landscapers Sydney West.

Keep the blades sharp:

Sharpen the blades regularly in order to avoid tearing the grasses. If you use a dull blade that causes a tear in the grass blade, it means that the door is opened for the disease. On the other hand, a sharp blade would last for 10 hours of mowing.

Have you heard of a practice known as green cycling? After mowing the grasses to the appropriate height, you can leave the clippings on the lawn itself. This is called green cycling. These clippings will provide the soil with the required nutrients and also add shade to help the lawn grow.

Water the lawn deeply, but not often:

Give your lawn a deep soak in water, which will encourage the growth of the roots. Watering less will likely encourage roots to stay closer to the surface, which can make the grass susceptible to drought. Check with professionals at landscaping Sydney West for tips on irrigation scheduling.

Seeding and weeding

You should seed the patches of lawn that are not growing properly. Yet, you should be patient. Seeding a bare spot, again and again, can cause the soil to overwork.

On the other hand, weeds are one big nuisance for lawn care. You should keep monitoring your lawn for weed growth and root them out before their roots start to grow deep.

Apply fertilisers on schedule:

Fertilising your lawn is very important and should be done on schedule. Again this is one area where you may need advice from professionals at Sydney West landscaping companies to find the best fertilising schedule for your area.

Avoid parking on the lawn:

Putting your car on the lawn can lead to soil compaction that can kill the grass. During heat waves or droughts, you might even want to keep away foot traffic.

If you are like any other homeowners who find managing the lawns kind of daunting after a long day work at the office, there are best landscapers Sydney West to help you. Hire professionals for landscaping now and give yourself one less thing to worry about this summer.


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