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Tips for Maintaining Your Landscape

Tips for Maintaining Your Landscape

Tips for Maintaining Your Landscape

How many hours do you spend in a week when it comes to landscaping Penrith NSW? Gardening is a great activity that keeps you relaxed and elevates the mood. But, unfortunately, due to busy schedules, people don’t have the time to maintain the landscape. One of the best ways to reduce the efforts of maintaining the landscape is to have an easy-care landscape, which makes outdoor living enjoyable. However, maintaining the landscape not only improves the curb appeal of your house but also prevents disputes with your neighbours and code enforcement agencies.

If you are new landscapers Penrith or have ignored your yard for too long, you may be wondering what to do and how to start. Don’t worry. Here are a few tips from the best landscapers Penrith to maintain your landscape:-


A well-maintained lawn is one of the first things people will notice when they enter. During the spring season, grass grows quickly. But, don’t cut it short assuming that you will have to mow less frequently. Doing so will destroy the healthy lawn and you may have to repeat the same in a short span. Keep the mower blade high to encourage healthy growth and avoid stressing the grass. Whenever you mow the lawn, ensure to edge around driveways and walkways.

If necessary, fertilise the lawn in spring. Throughout the summer and spring seasons, remove the weeds as soon as they appear. During the fall, rake the leaves regularly and reseed bare patches to make the lawn looking good.


Trees serve many purposes in your landscape, but if they are not maintained, they can become dangerous. Spring is the right time to trim out any suckers, prune dead branches and mulch around the tree. Trees must be pruned after flowering.


While shrubs and vines soften the edges of your property, it needs to be maintained well, or they may look messy. Spring is a good time for light to heavy pruning for maintaining the shape of your shrubs and removing the unwanted growth. During hot months, water the shrubs and vines according to their needs.


Flowers add colour to your landscape. While perennials can be planted in the fall, annuals are done in the spring. The flowers should be watered well according to their needs. Some blooms are drought-tolerant, while others need to be in moist soil to thrive. When the flowers begin to fade, pluck the dead flowers off so that it keeps the Plant tidy and encourages it to flower again. When the leaves turn in yellow in perennials, trim the plant to the ground. Annuals can be discarded once they start to fade.

Work with your crew or landscapers Penrith to make sure the trees, bushes, and flowers are properly trimmed will prevent further damages to the landscape.

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