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Signs that your property needs Landscaping maintenance

Signs that your property needs Landscaping maintenance

You love your home and live in it peacefully, where you spend your evening time enjoying the groomed landscape all around you. Suddenly one day, your kids come to you saying that there are bees in your yard. When you go to check it out you find wasp out there, the worst part being, they have built a whole new colony. This is a landscaping maintenance problem and should be left to professional landscapers Sydney.

The grasses are brown:

You have a lush green lawn most times of the year, but now it is in the colour of hay. Sometimes this could have resulted from drought or high heat, which means your grass, will regain its lustre during the rainy season. On the other hand, not every dried out lawn could be a victim of drought. Chances are you might be dealing with insufficient or improper watering, disease, some pests or weeds which can rob off your grass nourishment and water.

Landscapers Sydney can help you deal with any of these problems with their expert knowledge and experience.

It’s been a rough winter:

For your shrubs, lawn, and trees, winter could be tough. Some common winter problems include:

Salt damage: the melting ice and snow can spread road salt on your plants, which can sap them of their moisture and damage the roots.

Leaf Scorch: Leave Scorch is also known as reflective damage. Here what happens is, when plants are exposed to snow or the reflective glare of sunlight, the needles of leaves burn.

Wind desiccation: Wind desiccation is what happens when trees and shrubs are exposed to the cold, dry wind, which removes off the moisture from the leaves and stem. This can cause cell damage to the plants leaving behind brownish discolorations.

Landscaping companies Sydney can help you assess the damage the weather has done to your lawn and work with remedies to solve the problems.

Complaints from your neighbours

When your neighbours start to complain about your yard, it might be time to consult landscaper Sydney. It might not even be that your lawn is unsightly or overgrown. If it’s been so many years since you have changed the design of your landscape, it may be time to plan for an upgrade.

You have a lot of lawn:

Although a vast lawn is fun to show off and appreciate, it is also challenging to maintain. If you are dealing with a big space of grass, you may want to hire professionals to handover the lawn care duties to them.

Pest control:

Pest control is a process of keeping the plants in your lawn healthy by promoting beneficial bugs and preventing harmful insects. This means knowing the life cycles of pests and the type of damage they can cause on plants and when they are more susceptible to control. If you find yourself requiring help with pest control, call a landscape company that can give you ideas on pest control. They will come to your rescue.

Hiring professional landscapers is one best way to keep your plants healthy and attractive throughout the year. Don’t you have a lawn? Call landscape architect Sydney can help you.

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