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Does Landscaping Add Value to Home?

Does Landscaping Add Value to Home?

Does Landscaping Add Value to Home?

Of course, landscaping adds value to your home! Most of the home buyers are more excited about touring and buying a house that looks appealing and inviting on the exterior than the ones that look dull. In fact, you would be surprised about the ROI in the landscaping project. Yes, professional landscaping could increase your property value by 70%, according to research.

Besides, revamping a landscape allow homeowners to create a beautiful place that reflects their personal style and needs while adding value to the home in the long term. Over the past few years, house price growth has been significantly reduced, and homeowners are finding several ways to add value to their property. So, making the right changes to your property can increase its market value. Of all other renovations, landscaping is on the top list for increasing the property value.

How much does it cost to landscape?

Landscaping your garden or backyard depends on several factors, including the features you are looking for, the type of materials and plants needed for the project, location, quality of soil, and access to machinery. The location of your yard is one of the major factors that influence landscaping costs. If you have moved into a new house, chances are you need to start from basic and costs may hike. If you are planning to renovate, the cost may vary based on the changes you make.

So, it is difficult to estimate the exact cost. You may have to invest anywhere between 5 to 10% of the total value of your house and make sure it is professionally landscaped with the help of landscapers in Sydney.

While you can do it, most homeowners prefer hiring landscape architect Sydney to beautify their property. Because professional landscaping not only transforms your outdoor space into a relaxing oasis but also increase the property value and help make you most out of your yard. Landscaping is better handled by a professional with specialised skills.

Here are a few landscaping ideas suggested by the landscaping companies Sydney that add value to your home:-

Design your landscaping to your home’s architectural style

If your home is modern and chic, opt for elegant landscaping by relying on plenty of greenery, perennials, and manicured planters that enhance your curb appeal. Stay away from simple and classic landscaping designs. Ensure your landscaping matches the decor of your home, especially if you are planning to sell your property.

Play with colours

Gardens with leafy plants and vibrant blooms add wonderful texture and dimension to your landscape. In fact, thick shrubbery, blooming plants, and vibrant flowers create instant curb appeal to your house and give your garden a scenic view. If you add aromatic flowers and plants, they will add more scents to your landscape and make the place inviting.

Add more trees

It may seem simple, but adding more trees can make a difference in the value of your house. According to a study, “trees helped homes sell for 15% more than their market value.” Because they are environmentally-friendly, shade the place, removes carbon dioxide and pollution from the air.

A Landscaping project can definitely increase the value of a property. Hire the landscapers in Sydney to transform your outdoor space into an oasis.

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