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Showcase the Front of Your House With a Beautiful Landscape!

Showcase the Front of Your House With a Beautiful Landscape!

Does your home need a facelift? What better way good could there be than having an attractive garden in your front yard? In fact, North Shore landscaping should be at the top of your to-do-list when it comes to curb appeal. However, many homeowners think that landscaping is a tiring job and expensive as well.  But, it doesn’t have to be a daunting and challenging process. Yes, with proper planning and by partnering with the right North Shore landscaping companies, you can create a perfect relaxing oasis that adds instant curb appeal.

Here are a few North Shore landscaping ideas that help transform your front yard into a beautiful space:-

Consider your home

When it comes to landscape design, you need to consider the style, shape, and size of your home. Is your home a minimalist contemporary mansion? A ranch house with a tiled roof? A detached brick colonial? Categorising your house based on style, shape, and size can help determine which yard design will be suitable.

Adorn the entrance with flowers

Flowers, no matter shape and size, always add beauty to space and make a home seem more welcoming. Try to decorate your entrance with a range of annuals and perennials to make your home look beautiful all year long.

Dress up your driveway

Do you want to hide your unattractive driveway? By choosing the right plants and carefully sculpting the landscape, you can do it. You can blend a range of colours, textures, and heights to have a great look. In fact, large shapes and masses which are attractive from a certain distance should be a part of a house exterior facelift. However, it doesn’t mean blocking windows and doors.

Play with colours

One of the easiest landscaping ideas is creating contrasts. Different shades of flowers and plants together look great than when used alone. So, try to create a contrast with bold shades. However, be mindful when you pair the colours as some shades may make your house appear dull while others don’t.

Divide spaces

Your garden doesn’t need to be in a particular shape. You can divide the space. In fact, it is the easiest way to add interest to your front yard with structure. Utilise low fences or hedges to divide the spaces and give each space its own unique identity that is attractive throughout the year.

Consider trees and shrubs

A landscape that goes latent in the winter will look unattractive. This is why the best landscapers in north shore insist homeowners include structural elements such as trees and shrubs and materials that look good in all seasons. With trees and shrubs, you can make an impact, especially if you select varieties that have colourful foliage.

By keeping this in mind, you can dress up your home’s exterior that not only fits your style but also appealing to your neighbours.

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