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The Best Landscapers will create Texture in the Garden

The Best Landscapers will create Texture in the Garden

Flowers, trees, planters, mulch, and stone can add texture to your garden. Gardening with texture allows the grower to create plantings that are diverse and offer fantastic curb appeal. Looking to create texture in your garden? Hire one of the best landscapers in Penrith, and let them know your idea! They create a garden bed that vibrates with color to create texture in your garden.

Why Three Is A Magic Number To Create Texture?

Simple, even numbers create symmetry, odd numbers create interest!

You’ll notice that many landscape designers utilise this rule of design. Using the concept of grouping plants in threes, the aim is to create a pattern of alternating contrasting textures and tones. Plants that are grouped in threes or fives tend to make your eye move around the grouping, and ultimately, the garden. Alternating between textures from one grouping to another is a pattern, you also need to ensure the same pattern of plants is not repeated over and over again within a landscape design. This will be possible only by hiring one of the top-rated landscapers in Penrith

Top 10 Plants Combination That Create the Perfect texture in Your Garden 

Here are some plants to group together for creating the texture in garden design.

  1. Kalanchoe Silver Spoons – medium sized shrub/succulent with silver tones
  2. Mexican Lily – a medium to large strappy plant with blue and green tones
  3. Salvia Santa Barbara – a prolific flowering compact shrub
  4. Sanseveria trifasciata – upright blade like foliage
  5. Strobilanthes gossipinus – a compact shrub with a beautiful grey tone
  6. Walking Iris – a strappy wide leaf plant create as a filler
  7. Raphiolepsis Oriental Pearl – a medium sized shrubs with a compact form
  8. Crassula Blue Bird – a medium sized shrub/succulent with amazing blue foliage
  9. Agave Blue Glow – compact & spikey with beautiful greeny blue tones
  10. Buxus Balls – round spheres with a green tone

Why Craft Your Garden With The Help Of Professional Landscapers?

  1. You backyard achieve the new, easy-care look
  2. Boost the value of your property
  3. Gives defining entertainment areas
  4. Turns unused spaces to functional areas
  5. Balance man-made with natural
  6. Enhance your quality of life
  7. Protect the natural wildlife
  8. Help you connect with nature

Final Wrap

The texture feels coarse or fine and appears rough or soft and can vary within individual plant varieties, but it can also vary with foliage size. If you want to bring texture in your garden, contact one of the leading best Landscapers in Penrith to hire the professionals for landscaping in Penrith NSW. This is because; only the skilled professionals only have cut knowledge to create texture to any type or style of the house.

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