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Our Process

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Whether it’s a new project or a renovation, taking on a landscape improvement project can be an overwhelming task. Our simple, clear-cut and systematic approach will take you form the initial consultation to going through the designs, to planning the project, completing the construction and finally maintaining your landscape.




The first step is to have a face-to-face discussion on your site with our consultants at Bloom Design & Landscaping. We take a look at your landscape and see how it blends with your house, so that we know things can fit the best. We then understand your preferences and the availability of the space for accomplishing them, We also discuss other aspects of your outdoor space that include the design ideas, structural landscaping, horticultural materials etc. We also give advice on council requirements specific to your project. Once we have a larger idea of what you want, we can give an estimate of the project.

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Once we have had an idea of the property and have come out to see the space and have discussed with you what your ideas and preferences are, we get into the actual designing of the plan. We prepare an initial sketch based on the design brief that was discussed during the consultation. The sketch will contain the proposed layout and include all the key design elements. We will also include the total project budget estimate on the sketch. If necessary, 3D images or a short video is prepared to explain the sketch or concept design ideas.






Once the sketch plan and construction quotation have been approved by you, the final construction details and relevant council approval is taken in preparation for construction. Once approved, work can commence on your site.


Once your Bloom Design & Landscaping construction design plan and approval is in place, the tender process will start. With expert project management, we’ll see that it’s completed on time and to the highest of standards.






Once the project is completed, you are ready to enjoy your new landscape. You can provide feedback, or address any further questions you may have.


Whatever your needs are, we have the perfect solution. We can schedule a regular maintenance service programme for you, or you can book a service any time you need.



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