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Designing Pools for Over 30 Years



into your day

Bloom Design & Landscaping has many years of experience in Designing  pools to suit your needs while complementing the landscape and enhancing your lifestyle.


our experience

your luxury

We see swimming pool design as a creative opportunity to design and build a hallmark feature to the home.

The individual design details to any pool is what makes the space unique and enjoyable. These features include relaxing shallows, wide entry steps, seating ledges in additional to water movement features, swim jets and hot spa if requested.



you can trust

  • Our experts oversee and manage during all stages of construction.
  • We use quality materials to last longer
  • We offer custom design solutions to match your property size and needs
  • We install fresh water systems in our pools which means no chlorine or chemicals – 100% pure water
  • We offer regular pool maintenance

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